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Popular Binary Options Signal Providers in South Africa

With binary options trading in motion, profits are achievable, however, it can be time-consuming to be update all the time in order to catch the right opportunity and place a trade in a specific asset. To traders in South Africa who lead busy lives and don’t want to spend too much time in the binary trading process itself, we introduce an alternative – binary options signal providers.

In binary industry, signal providers come as an answer to current market trends whereas traders want to be in charge of their trading portfolio and manage trades in a way they accept them when it suits them.

This binary guide will reveal traders what are the main benefits of trading with signal providers and do they accept South African traders to begin with.

Luckily, there are couple of new and innovative binary options signal providers in South Africa which provide interested traders a wide selection of useful trading tools and VIP account to increase chances for profits in binary options trading.


How to Trade Binary Options with Signal Providers?

With opportunity to trade binaries via signal providers, South Africans can experience more simple binary trading process. Regardless if traders are beginners or professionals, they can navigate over the platform and see which features can be used to trade with a success.

So what does binary signal providers deliver to South African traders? Their purpose is to generate trading signals based on market trends and the way price is moving on the financial market. Very good signal providers have high success rate which point to a serious platform where signals have high accuracy.

As a novice trader, signals are an unknown field in terms of trading binary options. Definition of a trading signal is an alert of recommendation which provides detail information about a particular underlying assets, such as call/put option, binary broker, an asset and the amount of money to be invested.

Upon signal delivery, traders will receive a full package of information regarding a specific assets, where the only step left is for traders to decide if they want to accept or refuse a trade. It is important to note how with binary options signal providers, traders need to confirm each trade and it is not possible for trades to be in motion without being approved by the trader.

Further we’ll provide more in-depth explanation of how to choose the right top signal provider in South Africa and by which trading elements does one differs from another.

BinarySignalsTrader in South Africa – Modern Signal Provider

With BinarySignalsTrader, South African traders get a new and innovative platform for trading stocks and currencies. This signal provider is available in early 2017 and offers unique trading features which can be used by novice and pro traders.

To traders in South Africa, BinarySignalsTrader presents as high-winning sophisticated trading algorithm which is simple to use and fully adapted to both novice and expert traders. It enables payouts up to 86% in terms of profitable trades, while investment starts from $25.

BinarySignalsTrader is created by the a professional trader Simon Russell, who spent years on stock market as a successful trader. After financial crisis in 2008, he developed this innovative algorithm that will help traders into achieving their goals and maximize profit.

With this binary options signal provider, traders have to register and make a deposit. Afterwards, they’ll get access to the Premium account where a wide range of trading features and instruments will be available to use in the trading process.

South Africans could decide between two trading strategies, several expiry times and risk level.

For traders who prefer riskier trades, they can choose high risk option from three available: low / medium / high. Also, for trade to be properly executed, traders need to choose a time of expiry, such as 60 seconds, 2 min, 5 min, 30 min and 24 hours.

When South Africans get trading signals, they are in control of these trades, if they want them to be performed or not.

If traders have any queries regarding how to trade and which tools to activate or deactivate, they can contact BinarySignalsTrader customer support agents via live chat or email.

Get Instant Signals with BinaryCopier Signal Provider

BinaryCopier comes as an easy to use binary options signal provider who enables South African to get instant signals before their expiry time. Online since 2017, BinaryCopier is available on South African market.

Registration to BinaryCopier is free of charge and can be done shortly by providing following information: first name, last name, email address and phone number.

Once traders get access to BinaryCopier, they will be introduced to a Trading Hub – a place to have overview over the dashboard, ongoing trades and list of available underlying assets. It is possible to invest in currency pairs and stocks on BinaryCopier, according to our review. Minimum deposit to start trading is set to $250, whereas returns go max up to 89%.

On this Trading Hub, traders in South Africa are able to adjust the risk exposure by choosing between: Minimize (low risk) / Equalize (medium) / Amplify (high).

Experience SignalSamurai Apprentice VIP Account

This modern binary signal provider is developed by Kinjo Oda, an expert Japanese trader who wanted to create a trading algorithm in accordance with honorable Bushido code. SignalSamurai is free to use and requires no download. With minimum investment of $25, South Africans are able to achieve maximum 88% payouts.

When traders deposit with one of the connected binary brokers, they’ll become eligible for Apprentice VIP account where they can use a wide selection of trading instruments and tools.

Also, traders can use Daily Stop Loss feature, which is excellent option to use since traders are able to set daily limit for number of trades to be performed.

If traders remain uncertain about which signal to accept, they can activate Confidence Factor button which shows how safe is a particular received signal.  This means that trading signals come to traders as colour marked: green/yellow/red, depending of their safety to invest in.

Traders in South Africa can also choose between two strategies, as seen in our review.

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