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Is Fintech Ltd South Africa a Smart Choice for Traders?

Having a wide choice can be both a blessing and a curse. A blessing, since individuals do not feel constrained by a poor selection. A curse, as it is sometimes hard to pick just the one solution among so many.

In the case of binary options trading software, lately the industry has experienced a boom of new products offering their services to interested traders. South Africa has long been a favourable locality for binary trading and traders there are flooded with the choice they have.

One of those choices is the well-known Fintech Limited trading solution which has been on the market since 2013 and has drawn a lot of attention. This trading software works on the basis of analysing the available financial data via powerful algorithm. The system gathers available information, and in doing so it is able to make predictions about the possibly profitable trade opportunities.

Yet, the question remains – is Fintech Ltd South Africa a smart choice for eager binary traders?

Let’s find out!

Who is Daniel Roberts?

The best way to start this quest is by first looking at the man behind this trading solution – Daniel Roberts.

The best way to answer the question of who is Daniel Roberts would be to define him as the creator of Fintech Ltd South Africa. He was already a successful businessman who mainly dealt in data analysis. The idea for Fintech Ltd first came to Daniel Roberts when he first noticed one of his employees, Ben, looking distracted and stressed out.

As it turned out, Ben was having financial issues due to some bad investment choices. Daniel Roberts helped him out with a loan. This event also produced a curious side effect – Fintech Ltd!

Daniel Roberts and his team managed to develop a trading software which provided the entrance to the world of trading for numerous people around the world. Daniel Roberts and his team developed a highly advanced but user-friendly software which can be successfully managed by beginner and professional traders alike.

Why Use Fintech Limited Software in Binary Trading?

From the user-friendly dashboard over great features to profitable results which are possible with this trading software, there are many reasons why Fintech Limited software is a good choice.

Fintech-logoFirstly, this trading software can be used by all interested South African traders for free. Yet, the deposit has to be made with one of the connected binary brokers, but the software itself is free of charge. This puts traders in a favourable position from the very start.

Fintech Limited software makes use of the advanced trading algorithms which scan the market and generate useful binary trading signals.

But, to start there are three simple steps South Africans need to do.

Three-Step Procedure to Using Fintech Ltd South Africa

  1. Traders need to execute a simple registration process providing only basic info
  2. Making a minimum deposit of $250 with one of the connected binary brokers
  3. Adjust the settings and activate the trading process

Traders have a fine selection of available currencies to make the deposit so they can use GBP, USD, EUR, AUD, CAD, ZAR, RUB, BRL and JPY.

So, in executing these simple steps and selecting a deposit currency, South Africans will gain access to the Fintech Limited dashboard.

Variety of Useful Features

Of course, every successful trading software has to be equipped with useful and effective features. With Fintech Ltd South Africa, traders will find several which they may use in the binary trading process.

Trader Sentiment is a handy feature which gives a clear percentage of registered traders who use automated vs manual trading which is also possible with Fintech Ltd. What this gives to South African traders is the direct insight into the dominant trading mode. It also shows which trade options traders favour which actually introduces the aspect of the increasingly popular social trading.

Naturally, Fintech Limited software also provides traders with the possibility to use the mobile trading app. This is extremely handy since it removes any possible limits inflicted by location. This way, traders can adjust the Fintech Ltd preferences on the go and the software can begin working for them. According to the information on their site, the mobile trading app is available for any mobile device.

For South Africans who wish to know more about this binary trading solution, traders can find more info on their site. South Africans can also contact the customer support service for addition info they might need.

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