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SignalSamurai Review 2019

  • Min. Deposit $250
  • Min. Invest $25
  • Return 88%

SignalSamurai is an innovative signal provider available on global market, as well as in South Africa. Online since March 2017, SignalSamurai offers a very modern platform for trading binary options with many included benefits.

Created by Kinjo Oda, a stockbroker, SignalSamurai shows an alternative way of trading binaries based on accuracy of binary signals unlike traditional way of online trading. This signal provider is free to use and requires no download, which comes as an excellent news for all interested South Africans.

Check further our SignalSamurai review and get in-depth information about how to trade on this platform and maximize profit while investing in different assets.

The Presence of SignalSamurai in South Africa

SignalSamurai present itself as a modern signal provider who can deliver high-accuracy trading signals with max. returns of 88%. Minimum deposit to start trading with SignalSamurai is $250, while lowest required investment amount is $25.

Their plan is to attract new traders who will be able to increase the profits very soon by using signals, which SignalSamurai delivers after careful consideration of current market trends. With SignalSamurai, South Africans get a free signal provider with no extra nor hidden fees. Also, SignalSamurai doesn’t have to be downloaded, but instead traders only have to register and start received signals as they come.

Kinjo Oda developed SignalSamurai based on Bushido code and applies its characteristics in this online trading investment. With Japanese Bushido code, main features are loyalty and honesty.


How to Register with SignalSamurai?

Registration with SignalSamurai is very simple and will take just couple of steps to complete it. South African traders have to provide their first and last name, email, password and phone number. Afterwards, traders will be directly assigned to a particular binary broker, who is available on SignalSamurai dashboard.

Our SignalSamurai review reveals how connected binary brokers are:

Once connected, SignalSamurai will ask traders to make a deposit and begin trading. For each next time traders want to access this platform, they will only need to login, by providing username and password.

Which Features Does SignalSamurai Offers?

When traders deposit with a connected broker, they can start trading binaries. SignalSamurai allows opportunity to trade exclusively with currencies. On SignalSamurai dashboard, traders can see a list of available assets on the right side and several trading settings, including Daily Investment, Single Investment and Daily Stop Loss.

A very nice feature we noticed on SignalSamurai review is the fact it is user-friendly and enables South Africans live signal delivery in terms when traders are away. It means that they will get a notification each time a new signal appears, on the right part of the dashboard.

SignalSamurai offers traders in South Africa multiple useful features, such as:

  • Single Investment
  • Daily Stop Loss – for more trading control per day
  • Daily Investment – option to set the maximum daily amount to invest in (from $100 to $10 000)

Under Trading History tab, traders can check all their current and past trades, such as type of signal, broker, asset, entry date, expiry date and investment.

Registered traders will also discover on SignalSamurai dashboard a so called Confidence Factor; a feature which shows a safety level of particular asset. Confidence Factor is consisted of three colors; green, yellow and red one. This can be particular important to novice trader who can get better understanding if they see a colored signal and can see how did SignalSamurai marked a specific signal.


What is SignalSamurai Apprentice VIP Account?

Apprentice VIP Account is an additional trading account, with bonus features and trading tools. On SignalSamurai Aprrentice VIP account, South African traders can unlock two trading strategies as as well as choose between following times of expiry: 60 seconds, one hour and daily.

Akydo strategy is based on analysis of market current situation and its trend. It also measures trade volume. The second one is called Koudo strategy and it relies on Fibonacci patterns which are then used to make more simple price prediction of tradable currencies.

To be eligible for SignalSamurai Apprentice VIP account, traders are advised to contact their support team for more detailed information.

SignalSamurai - Review Conclusion

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