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FXMasterBot Review 2018

  • Min. Deposit $100
  • Min. Invest $25
  • Return 89%

FXMasterBot is an exciting forex and binary options trading software that has just recently taken the investment markets by storm. So many traders are now shifting their attention from their previous software to this one due to the interesting and extremely useful features that this product is packed full with.

This is the main reason we have made a decision to write this software review. We aim to provide our readers with the most substantial and useful information they can actually use and be certain that it is detailed and unbiased. Keep reading to find out what are the main characteristics of this particular trading software and how to register to use it.

FXMasterBot Review – Account Features

Account features are probably the most important part of any software, especially one that deals with online investments and is designed to streamline your trading processes. With the new FXMasterBot there are several options to choose from, starting with the Demo account, which we are certain, will attract the most attention from traders around the world.

FXMasterBot Demo Account

It is important to highlight at the beginning that traders are in no way obligated to actually use the Demo account. We want to present it here as it is an amazing opportunity for forex and binary options traders to learn to navigate their trading platform and do so in a risk free environment. While you are getting the needed skill, you are safe from the possible risks associated with using your real funds in the same manner.

Once you have opened an account with the FxMasterBot, you are actually going to choose between utilizing your real account directly from the start or starting off with a Demo account. After you have activated the account, the Demo will be accessible to you for exactly five days so use it wisely!

FXMasterBot Novice Account

The Novice account is exactly what it says in its title. It is means to be used by those traders who are still not exactly sure if they are ready to jump into more serious waters when it comes to forex and binary options trading.

If you are one of those traders, the Novice account will be greatly appreciated then. Since it is not a large account by any means, the starting deposit, or the minimum deposit amount as we usually call it, is $100. This is coincidentally also the industries minimum. This account also allows you to have three trades open at the same time, trading with more than one broker and you also get a leaderboard multiplier x1.

FXMasterBot Expert Account

The Expert account, as it is probably obvious, is means to be used by those traders who believe that their trading skills and expertise is well beyond those of a Novice account user and want to make sure that their account is offering all the features that will facilitate that knowledge.

The minimum deposit amount for this account is a bit bigger than the Novice account and it is $500 with everything you would get with the Novice account included in it. Some of the additional features available to the Expert account users are: up to 9 currency pairs and a leaderboard multiplier x2.

FXMasterBot Master Account

The Master account is as highest as it gets and it encompasses everything you might need to satisfy your trading desires and aspirations. The minimum deposit amount with the Master account is $1000 or $500 with two different brokers of your choice.

The features available with this account are as follows: all offered currency pairs, Leaderboard multiplier x3, VIP treatment and plenty more.

FXMasterBot Review – Trading Software & Assets

One of the main things that we need to highlight about this binary and forex trading software is completely free. This means that FxMasterBot will never require any payments from you nor will you have to deal with sudden inexplicable charges or fees.

Once you have decided you want to activate your real account after registration you will be signing up with a broker of your choice. This means that the broker is the one with whom you will have payment transactions. Those payments are going to be in the form of a deposit since you obviously need real funds to start your trading.

With FxMasterBot you will we able to customize your trading completely so that it is in line with your investment plans and strategies. Every type of trader will be able to find something of interest with this trading software, we have no doubt about that.

Here are some special features you will have access to:

  • Max Daily Trades
  • Reverse Trading
  • Daily Take Profit
  • Daily Stop Loss
  • Max Concurrent Trades
  • Compound Wins

FXMasterBot Review – Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, our readers already know that we take it very seriously as we firmly believe that we customer support system is something that can make or break a product. With FxMasterBot, we are confident that traders will be just as satisfied with the service as we were.

During the writing of this review, we have tested the knowledge and professionalism of the support agents and we are happy to report that they passed with flying colors. If you run into issues you can contact them via email or a Live chat option, which is by far the most efficient.

FxMasterBot - Review Conclusion

  • Completely free trading software
  • No phone app
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