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Binary Options Robot Software Review 2020

  • Min. Deposit $250
  • Min. Invest $25
  • Return up to 85%

 Within the last couple of years, trading binary options in South Africa has become very popular and widespread. What improved in the last few years is the technology used to trade binary options as well as the ways traders can approach it.

South African traders have the opportunity also do auto trading in binary options. That means, that the market provides them with a selection of automated software with the one on top being Binary Options Robot.

This advanced trading solution scooped the prize for best binary robot in 2016.

To introduce South African traders with all the benefits of using this binary trading software we offer a detailed Binary Options Robot software review.

Binary Options Robot

Binary Options Robot Software

The first thing that South African traders should know about Binary Options Robot is that that it requires absolutely no download.

That means that traders who select to use it can do so using any browser available.

Additionally, Binary Options Robot software is free. That means there are no additional fees attached to it.

What our Binary Options Robot software review revealed is that traders imply have to make a deposit with one of the supported brokers in order to initiate the trading process.

Another aspect of Binary Options Robot which keeps attracting prospective South African traders is the simplicity of use but also the fact it is suitable for newbies as well as professional traders.

How to register with Binary Options Robot?

Further in our Binary Options Robot robot review we also discovered that registration in order to use this binary software is free and simple to do.

In upper part of the platform, traders can create an account by providing following information: first and last name, email address, password and phone number.

Once that is done, traders will be granted an access to the dashboard where they can see the whole setting.

Yet, to initialize the actual trading process, South African traders need to make the deposit with one (or more) of the supported brokers.

Each binary broker has different requirements and characteristics. Therefore, exact deposit and investment amount depend on a broker.

Binary Options Robot – Available Brokers

For this Binary Options Robot software review, we learned that this robot collaborates with some well-established binary brokers, such as 24option, BinaryOnline, OptionStars and Stern Options.

In fact, up until recently, one of the giants of binary options industry Banc de Binary was available with Binary Options Robot.

Sadly, with their decision to slowly close their business that is no longer an option.

Each broker has different platform with a selection of features, that differs from the other broker. For that reason, investment amount, deposit amount and services vary slightly.

Another important thing we learned in Binary Options Robot review is the fact it is possible to trade with multiple brokers. This option makes auto trading process even more profitable.

So how does it work?

Binary Options Robot places trades based on received trading signals. These signals are created by mathematical algorithms, which are then delivered to Binary Options Robot.

The signals are created after monitoring financial market and latest news regarding particular underlying assets. It is possible to trade with currencies, stocks, commodities and indices.

It is wise that South African traders which use Binary Options Robot keep all or most of more than 50 underlying assets active. This does not cost any money but will provide them with more generated signals they can later use for trading.

Binary Options Robot

Popular Features on Binary Options Robot

During the process of creating this Binary Options Robot software review, we discovered that this robot offers registered South African traders a wide selection of notable features for a successful trading experience.

The ultimate goal is to improve the success rate and to have profitable trades.

On Binary Options Robot dashboard, South African traders have several tabs such as the Trading Room, Settings and History (past trades). In Settings, traders can adjust preferences and decide which feature should be activated or deactivated.

Additionally, traders can also see the entire list of more than 50 underlying assets available. As we have already advised, it is prudent to keep most or all of them active as that provides more generated signals.

Another very popular and useful features are Max Daily Trades and Daily Stop Loss.

With Daily Stop Loss activated, South Africans can specify the precise amount of money they want to invest per day. This automatically means that the trade risk will be lower which is a valuable option for inexperienced traders.

On the other hand, Max Daily Trades can also be a great feature for new traders which can assist them to save money.

How does it work?

According to our Binary Options Robot software review, traders can switch this button on and they can reduce the number of trades per day.

That is to say, they get to specify how many trades per day they wish the Robot to carry out on their behalf.

Additionally, traders can also find FAQ section with many topics covered, from how to open an account to what are available features. These materials are useful, especially for new traders who are about to start their auto trading journey.

Benefits of VIP Account

Our Binary Options Robot software review revealed that this software provides their traders with another fantastic benefit in the form of their VIP account. As a VIP account holder, South Africans can experience numerous advantages.

The best part is that the VIP account comes free.

The South African traders simply need to make a deposit with one of the connected brokers and they immediately become eligible to use the VIP account.

They simply need to contact the customer support service which will activate the VIP account for them.

The benefits of VIP account include 5 different trading strategies, the risk level feature which has 4 different modes so traders can select the one they feel most comfortable with and daily expiry times feature.

With all these combined features, binary options trading is lifted to a much higher level of quality and possibility to achieve healthy profits.

Also, with Binary Options Robot traders also get another benefit which is provided via recently introduced signals approval. This means that the Robot will not simply carry out the trades on behalf of the traders.

Rather, once the binary signals have been generated, traders will have to either accept them or decline.

If they wish for Binary Options Robot to proceed with the trade they will have to select the green button. If they are not convinced that a particular trade is going to be successful they select the red button and decline.

Binary Options Robot will never trade if South African traders are not online nor will it carry out traders without the explicit approval given by the traders. This means that nothing happens without the traders’ knowledge which also helps with the risk level.

However, despite the fact that risk level is reduced, it is still present and losses can happen. Traders need to be aware of that and proceed accordingly.

Responsive Binary Options Customer Support

One of the biggest benefits of trading on Binary Options Robot software is their excellent customer support service.

It is possible to contact them simple web form which can be found in their Contact Us section. Or, for the quickest solution, South African traders can use the Live chat option.

Customer agents are on traders’ disposal Mondays to Sundays between 8 A.M. and 10 P.M.

Having responsive customer service is very important since South Africans expect to have assistance when needed in this auto trading process.

Binary Options Robot - Review Conclusion

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